Gunsmith Services

We not only sell quality firearms, we service them, customize them and fine tune them.

Our in-house gunsmith and machinist will handle your job with the highest quality care possible.

Lead times are approximations and may vary depending on our current workload.


Intake Inspection & Diagnostic$45.00
Install Spring/Detent/Screws$27.50
Install 2X Sling Swivel Studs (Includes Studs)$82.50
Drill & Tap (Per Hole) $33.00
Install Muzzle Break/Adapter (No Indexing) $44.00
Install Muzzle Break/Adapter (Timed) $71.50
Remove Stuck Round (Live)$100.00+
Remove Stuck Round (Fired)$50.00+
Install / Fitting Small Parts$65.00
Machine WorkPrice
Blended Lathe Installed Break (No Indexing) $99.00
Blended Lathe Installed Break (Timed) $165.00
Cut & Crown Rifle Barrel $110.00
Install Bolt Knob (Labor only)$137.50
Thread Barrel (Labor Only) $137.50
Rebarreling (Labor Only) (Rem 700 Pattern / Ruger / Winchester) $330.00
Blueprint Action (Labor Only) (Rem 700 / Ruger / Winchester) $165.00
Handgun Field Strip Cleaning $38.50
Deep Cleaning (Most Rifles / Pistols) $82.50
Deep Cleaning W/ Bore Bright $110.00
Shotgun Cleaning $110.00
Rimfire Cleaning $110.00
Check Headspace $55.00
Chamber Cast $88.00
Boresight $22.00
Mount & Boresight $49.50
25 Yard Sight In (Ammo Not Included) $44.00
100 Yard Sight In (Ammo Not Included) $110.00
Chronograph (Per Gun) $38.50
Build Dope Chart (Per Ammunition Type)$33.00
Bolt Work$49.50
Magazine/Follower/Spring Fitting$55.00
Cut Down Shotgun Barrel$82.50
Borescope/Barrel Inspection$82.50
Install Shotgun Bead (Includes Bead)$49.50 / Bead
Trigger Install & Tune $93.50
Glass Bed Action $165.00
Glass Bed & Float Action & Barrel $220.00
Float Barrel $110.00
Install Savage Pre-Fit Barrel & Headspace $165.00
Install Recoil Pad (Labor only) $88.00
Install Recoil Pad Synthetic Stock (Labor Only) $126.50
Install Glock Pistol Sights $27.50
Install Sights (Most Handguns) $60.50
Install Sights (Difficult Guns (XD/PX4/1911/ETC)) $82.50
Install Spring Kit (S&W/Rug) Revolver $82.50
Action Job (Revolvers/1911) $110.00
Glock Polish $44.00
Glock Trigger Install (May Require Glock Polish) $38.50
Trigger Install (Not 1911’s) $82.50
1911 Trigger Install$100.00
Install/Repair 1911 Plunger Tube$55.00
Barrel Fitting / Bushing Fitting $93.50 / HR
AR-15 WorkPrice
Pin & Weld$75.00
Gas Block$50.00
Quad Rail/Free Float Hand Guard $82.50
Change Grip $11.00
Vertical Fore Grip $16.50
Change Carbine Butt Stock $11.00
Change Clamshell Forend $16.50
QD Endplate / Buffer Tube Work $49.50
Change Barrel $82.50
Install Adustable Trigger $82.50
Install Drop In Trigger $49.50
Build Upper $66.00
Build Lower $99.00

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