Gunsmith Services

We not only sell quality firearms, we service them, customize them and fine tune them.

Our in-house gunsmith and machinist will handle your job with the highest quality care possible.

Lead times are approximations and may vary depending on our current workload.


GeneralPriceLead Time
Install 2X Sling Swivel Studs (Includes Studs)$75.002 Weeks
Drill & Tap (Per Hole)$30.002 Weeks
Install Muzzle Break/Adapter (No Indexing)$40.002 Weeks
Install Muzzle Break/Adapter (Timed)$65.002 Weeks
Machine WorkPriceLead Time
Blended Lathe Installed Break (No Indexing)$90.004 Weeks
Blended Lathe Installed Break (Timed)$150.004 Weeks
Cut & Crown Rifle Barrel$100.004 Weeks
Thread Barrel (Labor Only)$125.004 Weeks
Cut & Crown (Threading Barrel Add-On)$75.004 Weeks
Rebarreling (Labor Only) (Rem 700 Pattern / Ruger / Winchester)$300.006 Weeks
Blueprint Action (Labor Only) (Rem 700 / Ruger / Winchester)$150.006 Weeks
CleaningPriceLead Time
Field Strip Cleaning $35.00 2 Weeks
Deep Cleaning $75.00 2 Weeks
Deep Cleaning W/ Bore Bright $100.00 2 Weeks
RiflesPriceLead Time
Check Headspace$50.002 Weeks
Chamber Cast$80.002 Weeks
Boresight$20.001 Week
Mount & Boresight $45.00 1 Week
25 Yard Sight In (Ammo Not Included)$40.001 Week
100 Yard Sight In (Ammo Not Included)$75.001 Week (Weather Dependent)
Chronograph (Per Gun)$35.001 Week
Trigger Install & Tune$85.002 Weeks
Glass Bed Action$150.002 Weeks
Glass Bed & Float Action & Barrel$200.002 Weeks
Float Barrel$100.002 Weeks
Install Savage Pre-Fit Barrel & Headspace$150.002 Weeks
Install Recoil Pad (Labor only)$80.002 Weeks
Install Recoil Pad Synthetic Stock (Labor Only)$115.002 Weeks
HandgunsPriceLead Time
Install Glock Pistol Sights$25.001 Week
Install Sights (Most Handguns)$55.001 Week
Install Sights (Difficult Guns (XD/PX4/1911/ETC))$75.002 Weeks
Install Spring Kit (S&W/Rug) Revolver$75.002 Weeks
Action Job (Revolvers/1911)$100.002 Weeks
Glock Polish$40.002 Weeks
Glock Trigger Install (May Require Glock Polish)$35.002 Weeks
Trigger Install$75.002 Weeks
Barrel Fitting / Bushing Fitting$85 / HR2 Weeks
AR-15 WorkPriceLead Time
Gas Block $50.00 2 Weeks
Quad Rail/Free Float Hand Guard $75.00 2 Weeks
Change Grip $10.00 2 Weeks
Vertical Fore Grip$15.002 Weeks
Change Carbine Butt Stock$10.002 Weeks
Change Clamshell Forend$15.002 Weeks
QD Endplate / Buffer Tube Work$45.002 Weeks
Change Barrel$75.002 Weeks
Install Adustable Trigger$75.002 Weeks
Install Drop In Trigger$45.002 Weeks
Build Upper$60.002 Weeks
Build Lower$90.002 Weeks