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The goal of this course it to teach students the fundamentals of long range shooting out to 1000 yards.
The course covers the following: shooting mechanics, equipment and rifle setup, chronograph usage,
building a ballistics table, wind calling and spotting and ballistics.

Course Requirements:

  • Eye & ear protection
  • Bubble level mounted on the scope
  • Bi-pod that swivels
  • Scope with exposed turrets
  • Packed lunch
  • Rifle rentals are available for $100 plus the cost of ammo
  • If you bring your own rifle, it must be .338 Caliber or below
  • 80 rounds of ammo (bring more if you want to shoot more!)
  • Ballistics App (Applied Ballistics Preferred – others MAY work)

Applied Ballistics App

Purchase from app store



Please note: This class is held outdoors and is weather dependent. Please dress appropriately for the weather.